Control Access to Your Site with the Spot-R Platform from Triax Technologies


Came across this fascinating piece from Shane Hedmond that thoroughly piqued our interest. The title is Triax Technologies Adds Access Control Abilities to Spot-R Platform for Highly Secured Jobsites and we thought it would be awesome to share it with you.

He shares with us some intriguing points. Here’s one of them:

Access control is extremely important on high security sites across the country.  Many contractors now are using RFID enabled ID badges and scanners to make sure workers are authorized to be there.  With the addition of access control, Spot-r could potentially replace the need for RFID-enabled ID badges for those already on the Triax system.

If this got your attention, give the rest of this piece a quick read by clicking on the link below…

Read the source article at Construction Junkie