The Importance of Preserving Older Construction Techniques


There is a lot of demand for construction work, but unfortunately, many inexperienced people are joining the foray to the detriment of clients everywhere. The generations of craftsmen and craftswomen have fixed structural problems with simple, tried-and-tested solutions but these are being replaced with new materials, equipment, and techniques that may not always be effective. 

Tim Carter laments how the knowledge from experienced builders has been forgotten in this Washington Post article:

Each day, old craftsmen and craftswomen die, and unfortunately, they take their knowledge to the grave. New young builders are left to come up with solutions to problems on their own. Engineers at companies are tasked with the same conundrum if they fail to pay attention to older engineers.

It is important for the younger generation to retain the knowledge of the older one, while still looking for ways to innovate. Want to know more? Read the full article today.


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