Traditional Firms Make Use of Technology to Build for the Future


Just like any company, construction firms need to innovate if they want to keep growing their business. For many, that means purchasing software programs and equipment that help drive productivity. 

Denise Tsang of South China Morning Posts talked to construction leaders in Hongkong about how they are using technology to keep their business up-to-date amidst the project demands in the area. Here’s one insight I found interesting:

Kwok said the company was introducing automation to save manpower on repetitive procedures and enhance efficiency and accuracy when formulating consultancy reports. “People are paranoid about joblessness arising from automation,” he said. “Creativity and human interactions cannot be replaced. What I see for automation is that it will free engineers from repetitive tasks for better use of their time in other work.”

Want to see if the innovations they use can be work for your construction firm? Read the full article to find out.

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